10 Free Plus Size Sewing Patterns (Part 20)

1. Fabrics Store Box Pleated Dress

Size: Up to size 30 or 58″ hip

2. Mood Calypso Jacket

Size: Up to size 30 or 63″ hip

3. Atatac LindXXX top

Size: Up to a 50″ seat

4. Fabrics Store Vera Trench

Size: Up to size 30 or 58″ hip

5. Hot Patterns Aspen Cardigan

Size: Up to size 26 or 54″ hip

6. Mood Aspen Ensemble top & skirt

Size: Up to a size 30 or 63″ hip

7. The Wolf and the Tree Flair top, tunic & dress

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Size: up to 5XL or 59.5″ hip

8. Fabrics Store Eva Tie Top Pattern

Size: Up to size 30 or 58″ hip

9. Mood Clover Crop Top

Size: Up to size 30 or 63″ hip

10. Bootstrap Fashion has 2 pages of free custom-fit patterns where you plug in your measurements and they provide a custom pattern!

20+ more free ‘eco’ sewing patterns

After sharing 15 free ‘eco’ sewing patterns last week, I got so many suggestions of other things that should be included in the next edition! While some of these items don’t necessary replace disposable items, they might be included because they’re fun or because they might be a way for you to avoid buying a similar product that’s made out of polyester!

Sew your own shoelaces from Sewing Party

Sew your own cloth pads from Little House Living

Or this pattern from Sewing Bee Fabrics

Fabric bowl cover from Hearth & Vine

After you’ve sewn some reusable baby wipes, make your own wet-wipes with this tutorial

Re-usable fruit and vegetable bags from 1 Million Women

Fabric laundry basket from A Beautiful Mess

Sew your own reusable sponges with this tutorial from Leader Sews

Cloth baby wipes from Red & Honey

Or this pattern for cloth wipes from Wholefully

A simple tutorial for sewing your own ‘scrubbies’ from Cappers Farmer

Another reusable food wrap recipe from Good House Keeping

Gym bag pattern from A Beautiful Mess

Sew your own napkins and tea towels from Closet Case Patterns

Travel laundry bag from Sewing with Scraps

Sew your own door snake to keep heat in with this tutorial from Eco Matters

Free Orton Bag pattern from Merchant & Mills

Sew your own garden ‘grow bags’ with this tutorial from Northern Homestead

Foldable Picnic Mat from FAB art DIY

Wrap pocket tote from Purl Soho

1 more tutorial for makeup wipes, this one from Selkie Patterns

10 Free Plus Size Sewing Patterns (part 19)

1. Fabric Store Ruby Crossover Dress

Size: Up to size 30 or 58″ hip

2. Atatac Rectangular cut trousers

Size: Up to a 50″ seat

3. Mood The Laelia Tunic

Size: Up to size 30 or 63″ hip

4. Fabric.com Cupid Cami & Tap Pants

5. Fabric Store Anna Rose Knife Pleated Button Up Dress

Size: Up to size 26 or 54″ hip

6. Atatac Long sleeve T-shirt

Size: up to 50″ seat

7. Mood Hawthorn Jacket

Size: up to size 30 or 63″ hip

8. My Handmade Wardrobe Patterns Simple Tee Sewing Pattern

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Size: up to size XL or 51″ hip

9. Fabrics Store Drew Tunic Dress Pattern

Size: Up to size 26, 71″ bust finished measurement

10. Mood Xyris Dress

Size: Up to size 30 or 63″ hip

Amarante double gauze Montrose

Double Gauze Montrose 2

This gorgeous double gauze, ‘Stardust Amarante’, came from Miss Maude in New Zealand’s North Island and its usage in combination with the Montrose is entirely inspired by/plagiarised from Plum Kitchen who made this exact top in the mustard colourway (she actually has tonnes of inspiring Montrose tops (and other clothes), you should definitely check out her blog).

Double Gauze Montrose 1

I actually sewed this top up before I sewed up the cloud rayon A-line Montrose Hack, so this top has the lengthened arms (but not as lengthened as the rayon version) and front and back facings, but doesn’t have the extra width through the hips.

Double Gauze Montrose Label

I also took the opportunity to use this cute pink ‘Sewing is sexy‘ label from Kylie and the Machine, since red & pink is a great match!

Size Details: I use the C/D cup bodice in a size 20, grading out to size 22 at the hips. I’m also using the Full Bicep sleeve, with extended length.

15 free ‘eco’ sewing patterns

Inspired by ‘Plastic Free July‘, here’s a few free sewing resources & patterns for replacing disposable or plastic items with reusable you-mades! Do you have suggestions that aren’t included in the list? Please let me know in the comments!

Reusable produce bags from The Kiwi Country Girl

Cutlery wrap sewing tutorial from The Rogue Ginger

Free Reusable Snack Bags Tutorial from Closet Case Patterns

Beeswax wrap tutorial from Apartment Therapy

Free Tote Bag Pattern from Peppermint Magazin

Free Lingerie Wash Bag Tutorial from Ohhh Lulu Lingerie

Reusable teabags from Little House Living

How to make your own reusable bread bag from Gippsland Unwrapped

Reusable sandwich wrap from Gina D Wagner

What kind of things are you sewing or making at home to try and cut down on waste?