Sunday Plus-Size Pattern Roundup #20

For the 20th edition of my Sunday Plus-Size Pattern Roundup I wanted to include some plus-size style icons because it’s often difficult to find plus-size inspiration, especially when so many makers the using the “plus-size” and “curvy” hashtags are often full of bodies who aren’t visibly fat.

Below are the patterns in the roundup for this week and underneath those are some inspiring plus-size fashion instagram accounts!

Number 1, Trapeze Dress

The Trapeze Dress from Merchant and Mills is available in plus sizes from 47.5-57.5″ hip

This dress is part of the recent extended sizes from Merchant and Mills and I love how they’ve styled the dress since it shows that this sleeveless dress can be worn all-year-round.

For Inspiration: Check out this lovely blue version, this chartreuse version, this large-scale print version, and this all-over-daisy version.

Number 2, Pona Jacket

The Pona Jacket from Helen’s Closet is available up to a Size 30 or up to a 56″ bust and 58″ hip

This pattern has been growing on me, thanks to extra inspiration from my real-life sewing buddy Sue , @Threadyforit, @Arrowmountain, @topstitchgirl, and @daisysewcrazy

Number 3, Calder Pants

The Calder Pants from Cashmerette is available from a 42-62″ hip (their new extended size range)

These pants were released this week and come in Cashmerette’s classic pear and apple pelvis options. Cashmerette also rounded up a great selection of popular curvy sewists in these pants here and shared a blog full of wide-leg-pants inspiration!

Number 4, Lisa Bias Skirt

The Lisa Bias Skirt from Pattern Union is available up to a Size 26 or 44.5″ waist and 56″ hip

I’m very intrigued by bias skirts right now and check out this Lisa skirt and this one for some inspiration or check out this pinterest board of bias skirt inspiration!

Bonus Pattern, Jeannie Dress

The Jeannie Dress from Schnittchen Patterns is available up to a size 56EU (which is a 53.54″ bust and 55.91″ hip).

Schnittchen don’t release all their patterns in their extended-size range, but they do have some unique designs and a unique aesthetic.

@marielle.elizabeth who shares slow fashion and has great things to say about bodies, @lydiahudgens who is an amazing photographer with an amazing sense of style, @emmisnicker shares small-plus-size minimalism. @Lvernon2000 who is a plus-size hijabi model with an incredible collection of colourful outfits, @styleisstyle who you might have seen modelling the clothes of slow-fashion companies, @nearandchar who provides dress-inspiration-galore , @mayralouise who has an amazing aesthetic and gorgeous curly-hair, @bethany_rutter who works for Navabi fashion and is also a little bit in to sewing, @sarabrowndesign who is the colour guru we all need, @shannydoots who is an in-betweenie who shares gorgeous slow-fashion pieces, and @noranoranora who shares plus-size outfits from her slow-fashion wardrobe.

Please tell me who I’ve missed! Who else should I be following for visibly-fat plus-size fashion inspiration?

Adrianna Dress Toile, Friday Pattern

I’ve used my ‘sewing in isolation’ time to work through the backlog of printed-but-unmade PDF patterns in my stash, which includes toiling this Adrianna Dress pattern from Friday Pattern Co in some rayon fabric that I bought on super sale, and which I now consider to be extremely ugly (but I can’t remember if I thought that at the time of purchase, or if I thought it would be handy for toiles)…

Adrianna Dress

The Adrianna Dress pattern (which is available up to 54″ bust and 57″ hip) is the woven dress companion pattern to the Adrienne Blouse (which is for knits, is a top and isn’t available in the extended size range).

Friday Pattern Company patterns are drafted for a B-cup and on reading the reviews from Sierra and Michelle over on the CSC I decided that I’d probably need to do baby’s first Full-Bust-Adjustment.

Adrianna Dress

Size Details: So I started with a 1X at the bust and graded out to the 4X from below the bust dart (I used the 1X sleeve pieces, since they seemed generous enough). I then used this tutorial on the Curvy Sewing Collective to do a FBA of 2 inches (so 1 inch on each side). This hideously patterned fabric might be hiding a multitude of sins on my FBA, but given how to top of the dress fits (quite snug), I definitely couldn’t have gone without it.

Adrianna Dress

I had to cut the sleeves shorter than called for due to a lack of fabric (the sleeves are so wide) and I didn’t bother putting elastic in the bottom since this dress isn’t likely to ever be seen outside of my apartment.

This was my first Friday Pattern Co pattern and I thought the instructions were great. I’m back here updating this blog post on February 2021 and I haven’t actually managed to make a final version of this dress!

Sunday Plus-Size Pattern Roundup #19

This Sunday plus-size pattern roundup is an entirely subjectively organised list of things that I like. In order to be included, the patterns will need to have either bust or hip measurements of over 50″, but preferably they’ll have both.

I’ll also only share patterns that I like, either I will have made them or intend to make them. So, this isn’t exactly a ‘new patterns list’, it’s more of a ‘list of patterns Jess likes’!

Number 1, Page Hoodie

The Page Hoodie from Chalk and Notch

Available up to a size 24 or 52″ (132cm) bust, and 53″ (135cm) hips and it also comes with A/B Cup and C/D cup options

Number 2, Aisling Blouse

The Aisling Blouse from Jennifer Lauren Handmade

This top is available in A,B,C and D cups and up to a 49 3/4″ (126.5cm) bust to 53″ (134.5cm) hip.

Number 3, Vera Dress & Top

Vera dress & top from Ploen Patterns

This pattern from Ploen is available up to a size 54 or a 50.4″(128cm) bust, 44″ (112cm) waist and 53.5″ (136cm) seat

Josefine has been trained in pattern design and works as a garment technician

Number 4, Rumana Coat

The Rumana Coat from By Hand London

This jacket is available up to a 51″ (129.5cm) bust and 54″ (137cm) hip

Bonus Pattern: Updated Free Range Slacks

The Free Range Slacks from Sew House 7 is now available up to a 57 1/4″ ( 145cm) and 65″ (165cm) hip

I love the look of Sew House 7’s patterns and I’m so excited to see this size range continue for future patterns.