Fat Luxury PJs

The Spinifex PJs are pattern #21 from Muna and Broad, and they’re available in the standard size range, from a 41.5″ hip to a 71.5″ hip. These classic PJs with an easy-application collar come with dartless cup-size options, a crotch gusset for comfort. If the Muna and Broad sizes are too small to include you,… Continue reading Fat Luxury PJs

Sunday Plus-Size Pattern Roundup #51

Hello and welcome to the slightly-later-than usual Sunday plus-size pattern roundup! What can I say, it’s been a week and continues to be a week! Number 1, Spinifex PJs The Spinifex PJs are 15% off for 24-hours more! No discount code needed! The Spinifex PJs from Muna and Broad are available up to a 71.5″… Continue reading Sunday Plus-Size Pattern Roundup #51

My perfected bralette

I’ve made a lot of different versions of the Muna and Broad Banksia Bralette and I think I’ve finally been able to settle on my favourite configuration! The Banksia Bralette [pronounced like Banksy-a] comes in two different cup sizes, and options for narrow shoulders too. The Banksia has a unique inner sling system which works… Continue reading My perfected bralette

Sunday Plus-Size Pattern Roundup #50

Welcome to the 50th episode of my weekly plus-size pattern roundup! This week we’ve got a new pattern, a free pattern, and a pattern that was inspired by fat-fashion icons @styleisstyle and @marielle.elizabeth! Number 1, 7 Dress The 7 dress from Stokx Patterns is available up to a 60″ hip Designed for knit fabrics like… Continue reading Sunday Plus-Size Pattern Roundup #50

Perfecting my undies

Is there a better time to be talking about perfecting your me-made undergarments than me-made-may? I think not! This turned into a pretty long post! I’ve been making my own undies, something I never thought I would do, since we tested the Waratah Undies & Period Undies for Muna and Broad in November 2019! In… Continue reading Perfecting my undies

Sunday Plus-Size Pattern Roundup #49

There’s 2 free patterns included in the roundup this week! couple of new patterns included in the roundup this week. The list of patterns over a 60″ hip and patterns over a 70″ hip have their own pages, which should make them easier to find! Number 1, Waikerie Dress Expansion The Waikerie Dress Expansion from… Continue reading Sunday Plus-Size Pattern Roundup #49