Fat ramblings on this most worn Huon Shirt.

Muna and Broad is celebrating the Huon Shirt & Dress pattern until the 24th of January, and you can get 10% off the pattern with the code HUONWEEK until then. I thought that meant it was a good time to take some more pictures of my Atelier Brunette viscose Huon Shirt, which gets a tonne of wear.

Huon Shirt 4

There’s something about the Huon Shirt that makes me feel quite ‘elevated’, and although I initially thought I would mostly wear this voluminous top-half with more tapered pants, it most frequently gets paired with these natural linen Glebe Pants. Indeed, this is the exact outfit that I wore for my birthday dinner to a tasty local restaurant!

Huon Shirt Back Muna and Broad

I know that there are a lot of ‘unwritten’ (and indeed people on the internet and in real life) espousing style rules, like if you’re wearing something wide on the bottom, then you need to wear something more fitted on the top to ‘balance’ your body. Often those style rules come from a place of fatphobia- wearing wide-leg pants and then highlighting your waist with a tight top can be a bit like saying ‘don’t worry, the pants aren’t hiding anything, look how thin I am right here at my waist’.

Huon Shirt

The more I wear this exact silhouette, the more it feels natural. Like getting used to a new haircut, you need to keep wearing the shape until it no longer looks foreign to you, and only then can you actually judge whether you like it. When I wear this relaxed combination I feel put-together, I feel like I am reflecting who I feel that I am, but I also also feel comfortable (I’m not constantly picking at or adjusting my clothes).

Sunday Plus-Size Pattern Roundup #35

It’s that time of the week again!
The roundup is ordered by the size range of the company, and you can see all of the posts that are part of the Plus-Size Pattern Roundup series here. You can also see all the patterns from previous roundups which are available over a 60″ hip.

Number 1, Heather Blazer

The new Heather Blazer from Friday Pattern Co. is available up to a 60″ bust and 63″ hip.

The pattern has just launched this week, and is currently on sale.

Number 2, Dulcie Pinafore

The Dulcie Pinafore from Jennifer Lauren Handmade is available up to a 61.5″ bust and 62.5″ hip, and comes in cup-sizes C-F (with an F Cup being a 4 7/8″ difference between Full and High bust)

Number 3, Papao Wrap Pants

The Papao Wrap Pants from Ready To Sew are available up to a 59.4″ hip

Number 4, Victory Tank

The Victory Tank from Chalk & Notch is available up to a up to a 59″ hip and 58″ bust

Online Fabric Shops in New Zealand

Here’s a little roundup of NZ fabric stores where you can shop online to buy fabrics appropriate for garment sewing! I’m always trying to buy as locally as possible, and shipping from overseas can be agonising (both in terms of wait time and cost), so shopping close to home (and in your own currency) is a great alternative.

I’ve made my favourite shops bold! These are shops that I’ve shopped with and would wholeheartedly recommend!

Updated: 15/1/2021

Ackroyd & Adams (based in Auckland)

They have a selection of different fabrics including merino and cotton knits, denim, cottons and linens

Angel Fabrics (based in Auckland)

They have a selection of knit fabrics suitable for underwear, dance wear, and swimwear.

AS Fabrics (based in NZ)

They have a small selection of fabrics (lot of polyester) which are leftovers from Annah Stretton’s factory. They actually charge more for postage the more fabric you order.

Backstreet Bargains (based in Hamilton)

They have a variety of fabrics at very decent prices. They have a system on their website for requesting samples, which you pay for, but I’ve also had luck getting free samples by emailing the store (either way, the samples are very small)

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Kapunda Undies, Kapundies

My underwear draw is looking very healthy and stocked with Muna and Broad Kapunda Undies. These high-waisted undies sit perfectly on me, and don’t move around during the day- they’re basically the underwear that I’ve wanted for years but could never buy.

Kapunda Undies

In addition to making the usual scrap-busting undies from past knit projects (bamboo/spandex, cotton/spandex and merino leftovers), I’ve also been experimenting with using some fancier fabrics on the side panels of the pattern!

Shine Trimmings Fabrics in Aus is where I sourced all the fabric that you can see in these 2 pairs here. The blue blue lace I used (below), remains on sale at $9AUD per metre, and the blue fabric above is a lovely bamboo/spandex. The wine coloured cotton/spandex front and back (below) which would probably make great leggings (it’s quite opaque). They have lots of fabric that I really liked the look of, including this flocked geometric emerald fabric, (I used the black version) and this flocked polka dot mesh.

Kapunda Undies

I’m planning on making some matching Banksia Bralettes to pair with these fancy pants. I’m hoping they’ll be fancy but comfortable enough for everyday wear!

I’m also interested in sourcing some hemp/spandex fabric to see how that works out as underwear, since hemp has a lot of the same great natural properties as merino.

Sunday Plus-Size Pattern Roundup #34

This week, I was inspired by an email newsletter from Helen’s Closet about their Avery Leggings being on sale, so I decided to take an undergarment/athleisure/comfie lounging theme for the Sunday Plus-Size Pattern Roundup this week.

Number 1, Banksia Bralette

The Banksia Bralette from Muna and Broad is designed for larger bodies and comes in 2 cup sizes and with a narrow shoulder option.

The Banksia Bralette is available up to a 64″ full bust, and if you our sizes are too small for you, Muna and Broad will grade the pattern up to your size for no additional charge. The unique internal powermesh slings provide light support and separate the breasts- no more sweaty uni-boob!

Number 2, Avery Leggings

The Avery Leggings from Helen’s Closet is available up to a 62″ hip. These have no outer leg seam, a crotch gusset and a faced, and a stabilised waistband to ensure your leggings stay up!

9 Jan 2021-The Avery Leggings are currently on sale- no discount code needed.

As always, Helen has a great roundup of pattern hacks on her blog. She shows you how to add side-panels and a pocket, and how to add mesh-sheer-blocking.

Number 3, Activewear Bundle

The Pattern Bundle: Activewear from Cashmerette combines their Leggings & Yoga Pants, Dolman Top, Tank and Yoga Bag patterns. These are available up to the 62″ hip that Cashmerette offers.

9 Jan 2021- this pattern bundle is currently on sale

Number 4, Lulu Cardigan

The Lulu Cardigan from Pattern Scout is available up to a 58″ hip

I like the cropped length of this cardigan, and how styled here, it looks like a comfie, but stylish, bomber jacket.

The roundup is ordered by the size range of the company, and you can see all of the posts that are part of the Plus-Size Pattern Roundup series here. You can also see all the patterns from previous roundups which are available over a 60″ hip.