Natural fibres

Over on Instagram, I shared a little about my love of natural fibres. How it’s not just a preference, but something that has fundamentally changed how I feel about my body. Before I discovered natural fibres, I really thought that my body just smelled bad, that I just had to try and mask the problem,… Continue reading Natural fibres

Scrap-Busting sewing patterns

Since it’s the middle of November (and therefore practically Christmas), I’ve rounded up a few patterns for scrap-busting, many of which would make great gifts! Check out other scrap-busting patterns, free patterns, and patterns for gifting that I’ve rounded up previously. Here are some things you can turn your scraps in to, or even stuff… Continue reading Scrap-Busting sewing patterns

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Free Sewing Pattern Resources

Since it still feels like March, but it’s actually almost November, I wondered if it might be time to share the pattern roundups I’ve put together on the blog during the past wee-while. Whether you’re after free plus-size sewing pattern PDFs, free eco sewing pattern PDFs or free Christmas gift sewing ideas, I’ve probably got… Continue reading Free Sewing Pattern Resources

All about Ramie

Native to China, ramie is a linen-like fibre made from nettles and which is classified as a cellulose fiber, just like cotton, linen and rayon. Ramie fibers comes from the stem of a nettle plant called China grass (Boehmeria nivea). It looks similar to European nettle but it does not have prickles.

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20 more free sewing patterns for Christmas Gifts!

Free Christmas stocking pattern from Spoonflower Free Apertio Pouch Pattern from Blogless Anna Cloud pot holders from Ohoh deco Free Fanny Pack pattern from Spoonflower Free weekender bag pattern from Deliacreates Retreat zipper bag from Emmaline Bags Lucky Penny Wallet from Sallie Tomato Free Sleep mask pattern from Spoonflower Date night clutch from Sewmamasew Manhattan… Continue reading 20 more free sewing patterns for Christmas Gifts!

Free Sewing for Christmas!

I’m not meaning to scare anyone but since it’s currently October it will soon enough be December. I’ve been stockpiling patterns all year which might be appropriate for making Christmas gifts in anticipation for this moment so here’s the first installment of ‘free patterns for sewing Christmas gifts for kids, dogs and significant others’. Crafting… Continue reading Free Sewing for Christmas!

15 free ‘eco’ sewing patterns

Inspired by ‘Plastic Free July‘, here’s a few free sewing resources & patterns for replacing disposable or plastic items with reusable you-mades! Do you have suggestions that aren’t included in the list? Please let me know in the comments! Reusable produce bags from The Kiwi Country Girl

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MMMay Hacks or Free accessories patterns

Maybe you’ve signed up for Me-Made-May this year and you’re wondering how on earth you’re going to “wear” a handmade item every day. Or maybe you just like to make your own stuff. Here are a few free accessories sewing patterns, or ‘free patterns that you can sneak into your Me-Made-May since you wear them… Continue reading MMMay Hacks or Free accessories patterns