Glebe Pants in deadstock rayon

Glebe Pants Green 2

I wanted to try @Leila_Sews‘ free Glebe Pants pattern (which you can download for free by signing up here) in a lightweight, rayon fabric to see how the pattern fared.

I found 5 metres of this fabric for $15 at a fabric remnant sale of a Christchurch local clothes shop, and it’s quite creasy, quite light but very comfortable.

Glebe Pants Green 3

I made a size 1 in the Glebe Pants (which is a nice change from relying on positive ease to sneak in to a size chart), even though my ‘seated hip size’ would put me up a size. I didn’t need to add any height at the front or at the back of the rise and find these very comfortable and think they sit perfectly.

Glebe Pants Green

P.S if you make some Glebe Pants and use the hashtag on instagram between now and 31st October, you’ll be entered into the draw to win a $100 voucher from the lovely A + R Fabrics!

Free Glebe Pants Pattern

The Glebe Pants Pattern is available for download! Head over here to sign up for the email list and the pattern will automatically be emailed directly to you!

@Leila_sews designed these pants for herself and then extended the sizing options, and made the patterns available as a free download! Read more about her (and how she knows how to draft great pants) here!


From now until 31st October you can win a $100 voucher from A + R Fabrics by posting your finished Glebe Pants on instagram with the hashtag #GlebePants


@Fabric_scraps made this lovely pair of brown Glebe Pants with the most amazing fabric during our testing phase.


@threadyforit made this gorgeous black pair and a second pair in lightweight denim as part of our pattern testing!


@garichild made these delightful and delightfully patterned pants as part of our testing and now I too need patterned pants!


Here’s my 1st tester pair of Glebe Pants. I made a size 1, even though I probably sized into a size 2 out of some lovely natural linen I’d been ageing in my stash.

What’s the details?

The Glebe Pants

You can make these badboys with between 2.4-3 metres depending on how you cut your fabric.

Are you sized out because the Glebe Pants don’t go up to your hip size? @Leila_sews is working on expanding the size range so send her a message on insta!

Glebe Pants sizing

Glebe Pants

If you’re here looking for the free Glebe Pants pattern, I’m excited to say that they’re coming soon! Sign up to this email newsletter, and the files will be emailed to you when they’re ready!

Check out these cosy brown Glebe Pants from @fabric_scraps, and this gorgeous black pair from @Leila_sews herself!


@Leila_sews has designed a pant pattern which starts from a 54″ hip and will be available in 3 sizes (a 56.5″ hip and 59″ hip) . Keep an eye on the hashtags #GlebePant or #GlebePants to see some tester makes as they’re posted.

Although I have a 59″ hip when seated, I made the 54″ pants and very much like the dimensions and width of the leg. Suffice to say, the finished measurements will be important for choosing the ‘look’ you’d like.


The pants are made (as I understand it) with a built in full seat adjustment and a tummy adjustment, which means that you can skip a lot of common adjustments (or if you’re me, who never does any adjustments, it means that your pants might fit quite good)!

The Glebe Pants

I sewed a size 1 and cutting on the open (so not folded over), I used 2.4 metres of 150cm wide linen. Leila cut her size 1 pants on the fold and with her 140cm(ish) wide fabric, she used 2.75m. We think that even with 115cm fabric, you’re probably going to be able to make these with 2.75m of fabric!

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