10 Free Plus Size Sewing Patterns (part 12)

If you haven’t seen Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10 or Part 11, you can check those out or check out my sortable list (not totally up to date, sorry) or take a look at the full list of the patterns so far with photos!

1. Rational Dress Society Jumpsuit

Size: Up to a 53″ chest and 56″ hip depending on your fit preference

2. Mood The Nymania Pants

Size: Up to size 30 or 63″ hip

3. Fabrics Store Ellen — Whimsical Bow Dress Pattern

Size: Up to size 28/30 or 58″ hip

4. Atacac Cat Coat

One thing to note with these patterns is that the PDF isn’t separated out into pages, so you’ll have to organise that yourself. There are lots of options online for changing a large PDF into individual sheets.

Size: Up to a woman size XXXXL (these are unisex patterns) or 50″ seat.

5. Mood Daisy Top

Size: Up to a size 30 or 63″ hip

6. Fabrics Store Beau Pleated Shirt Pattern

Size: Up to size 28/30 or 58″ hip

7. Made for Mermaids Women’s Chloe Skirt & Maxi

Size: Up to a 54″ hip

8. The Littlest Studio Circle Skirt Tutorial

Size: Up to a 44″ waist

9. Mood The Eurya Dress

Size: Up to size 30 or 63″ hip

10. Fabrics Store Magda Pants Pattern

Size: Up to size 28/30 or 58″ hip

A woolly Cashmerette Montrose Top

Cashmerette Montrose Top Hacked Wool

Ever since I saw this glorious sweater/top from Alice Alexander Co (a company I’m just a touch obsessed with) I’ve been a little bit obsessed with the idea of a non-stretch woolen top/sweater. I’ve pinned a lot of inspiration to my ‘boiled wool sweater’ pinterest board and taken numerous inspirational screenshots.

Boiled Wool Sweater Montrose Top

I consulted the instagram hive mind a few days ago and was flooded with recommendations and folks sending me pictures of their own non-stretch wool sweaters and was totally inspired to jump into action!

I made this sweater from my Cashmerette Montrose Top pattern and hacked the pattern quite a bit but totally unprofessionally to get to this long-sleeve box!

Cashmerette Montrose Boiled Wool Sweater

I didn’t want to buy a new pattern and I wanted something I already knew fit, and since I’m obsessed with the Montrose Full Bicep sleeve,
I very haphazardly used the top half of that and joined it on to the bottom half of the Harrison Shirt Sleeve (sans cuff piece). The sleeve is in two parts- mostly because I think it looks cool and also for pattern tetris and cutting ease.

Boiled Wool Sweater Montrose

Size details: I sewed the C/D cup bodice in a size 20, and since I knew I wanted a very boxy look and split side seams, I cut straight down from the underarm seam on both the front and back bodice pieces. When sewing up the top, I sewed only a seam rippers length down from the underarm seam (very scientific).

Boiled Wool Sweater

Since I cut the top part of the front bodice in two pieces, I decided to add some decorative top stitching along the seams there, and also on the arm seams. I left the bottom hem unfinished, but I think I’ll go back and add some similar top stitching to a largeish hem down there too!
I did a bit of a messy job with my bias binding neckline, I thought that this ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ label from Kylie and the Machine was an excellent match!

10 Free Plus Size Sewing Patterns (Part 11)

1. Fabrics Store Cora — Half Sleeve Dress

Size: Up to 24/26 or 53″ bust

2. 5 out of 4 Patterns Pajama Pants

Size: Up to a 5XL or 65″ hip

3. Mood Sewciety The Vallea Tunic

Size: Up to size 30 or 63″ hip

4. Rebecca Page Toronto Tee

Size: Up to a 5XL or 57″ hip

5. Fabrics Store Paola Workwear Jacket Pattern

Size: Up to 28/30 or 58″ hip

6. The Littlest Studio Striped Dress

Size: Up to a size 22 or 49″ bust

7. Mood Douglas Pants

Size: Up to size 30 or 63″ hip

8. Fabrics Store Salome Sleeveless Shirt Dress

Size: Up to size 28/30 or 56″ bust

9. New Horizon’s Design Key West Tank

Join her Facebook group for access to the discount code

Size: Up to 3XL or 53.5″ hip

10. Mood The Darmera Jumpsuit

Size: Up to size 30 or 63″ hip