Lacey Dress from StyleArc

StyleArc Lacey Linen

This Lacey Dress from StyleArc is lovely, but hard to find online. As you can imagine, typing ‘lacey dress’ gets you an awful lot of lace dresses and the hashtags are all a mess too. If you’re reading this StyleArc, hire me and I’ll fix your hashtags!

StyleArc Lacey Linen 2

This isn’t part of my normal colour scheme (except the mustard and blue stripes in there), but it was a linen remnant that I couldn’t pass up, and the stripes were obviously asking for the Lacey bodice.

Size Details: I sewed this in a size 22

Zero-Waste Jacket from Elbe

Elbe Zero Waste Jacket

I made this linen duster-ish jacket using Elbe Textile‘s free tutorial for making a zero-waste jacket.

I love the idea of zero-waste sewing since it saves me from hoarding linen scraps for years and I suppose it’s also good for the environment.

Elbe Zero Waste Jacket 2

Sizing Details: I had a bit less linen than the pattern called for and I was also wider & had larger arms than the model. Soo, I did lots of little calculations on scraps of paper to increase the width of the body pieces and also to increase the size of the arms.

Rushcutter Hack Dress

In The Folds Rushcutter Pinafore 2

This hack of the Rushcutter dress from In The Folds was inspired by this apron tutorial from The Fabric Store.

In The Folds Rushcutter Pinafore

At the time, there wasn’t much in the way of plus size apron dress patterns, and I loved the look of the cross back apron patterns that I’d seen, but wanted something that was more like a dress.

Sizing Details: I sewed a size J in the rushcutter, but omitted the top portion of the dress. There’s a pleat under each arm and the straps are just straps.

StyleArc Susan Top

Susan StyleArc 2

This StyleArc Susan Top was an easy sew, and I think I got the pattern for free as a StyleArc monthly giveaway.

Susan StyleArc 1

This Susan is made out of merino fabric for layering in the winter. I haven’t hemmed the bottom or fixed the shoddy neckline I put in either.

Size Details: I sewed a size 22 and am wearing it with a 47″ bust and 54″ hip

Linen Kochi

Kochi Linen 1

This Kochi from Papercut Patterns is sewn up in delicious mustard linen from The Fabric Store.

I drastically increased the size of this everywhere because I wanted something wearable, cozy and that doubled as a rug for grass protection.

Kochi Linen

There’s not much more to be said that I haven’t already said about this pattern. It’s not in my size, so I never got the fit I was after.

Size Details: Size Details: I sewed the XL which is drafted for a 46.5″ hip. I made significant pattern adjustments and am wearing it here with a 47″ bust and 54″ hip.