Ethel Designer Pants

Style Arc Ethel Pants Cotton

These Ethel Designer Pant from StyleArc (which I purchased as a set) sat in my ‘almost finished’ sewing box for over a year, after I deemed them not very successful.

After some unsuccessful purchases from them (back when they didn’t include finished garment measurements), I try to be quite savvy about picking patterns where it doesn’t matter that I need to grade at least a couple of sizes between my top and bottom.

Style Arc Ethel Pants in Linen

I’m not sure what these pants are made of (it’s a kind of silky feeling cotton twill-ish thing from a store without a website), but they’re glorious. The fabric feels delicious and has a decent heft to it. I wish I knew what it was so that I could buy more (in the unlikely instance that they’re still stocking the same mysterious fabric 2 years later).

Style Arc Ethel Pants Cotton 2

I threw the pattern for these out in a huff (most likely the paper got fed to the worms), but I really wish I hadn’t been so hasty. The pockets on these are glorious, and I really just need to shorten the elastic so that they stay up better. Realistically, I’ll probably just keep wearing them exactly as they are.

Sizing Details: I made these up in a straight size 24 but would give size 22 a go if I make these again.

Brown & blue Springfield Top

Cashmerette Springfield Cotton 1

Buying this Springfield Top pattern from Cashmerette was something I sat on for ages.

It seemed too simple to purchase. Not that I have any skills making my own patterns, but I suppose I just thought I should be able to make do.

Cashmerette Springfield Cotton

What eventually swayed me into purchasing the Springfield was that I had at least 6 or 7 pieces of fabric that were too small to be used on any of the other patterns that I already owned. I obviously needed this.

I had enough of this nice brown cotton to also add a self-lining to the inside yolk. This is great since I have such trouble telling front from back on my makes.

Sizing Details: I’ve sewed the C/D cup bodice in a Size 20 at the bust, grading out to a size 22 at the hips. I’m wearing the top here with a 47″ bust and 54″ hip.

Scribble Peplum top

Peppermint Peplum Rayon 2

This Peplum top is a free plus size sewing patterns for beginners from in Peppermint Magazine in Australia and is drafted by the lovely Emily from In The Folds.

I had enough fabric leftover from my Scribble Rayon Adeline to make the peplum with an extra long frill, which makes it long enough to style with pants that aren’t super high-waisted.

Have you read this article on the difference between a frill & a flounce? Neither had I until I was looking for how to describe the bottom part of the peplum!

Pepermint Peplum Rayon

I have another 3 of these tops in the ‘almost finished’ sewing pile, which I’m excited to be able to wear next summer!

Size Details: Although my measurements put me between a J-K on the Peppermint scale, I actually sewed a size H and am wearing it on a 47″bust and 54″ hip.

Rose Dress from Schnittchen

Schnittchen Rose Dress Linen

This Rose Dress from Schnittchen is the first dress I ever made!

I had signed up for night-school sewing classes not far from my house and since I had read the Curvy Sewing Collective for years before I knew it would be tough to find patterns in my size.

So, like always, I’d done a lot of research before turning up for the first class and had settled on this dress which I decided would be very straightforward. I planned on sewing three of them, starting with this fabric (which excited me the least) and finishing up with a lovely white linen with blue checks (which ultimately didn’t become a Rose dress).

Schnittchen Rose Dress Linen 2

My one big regret from this make is that I had neglected to include the patch pockets (out of pure laziness), and I really wish that there was nothing in my wardrobe without pockets.

Size Details: I sewed a size 56 (the largest size), and am wearing it here with a 47″bust and 55″ hips.

Pineapple Adeline Dress

StyleArc Adeline Linen 2

This was my first StyleArcAdeline, in a lovely black linen with a not-quite-evenly-printed pineapple pattern in white.

I was inspired to make this after seeing some gorgeous versions from Meg, and Lara of Thornberry (I also love this amazing version made by Lara for her mum).

Style Arc Adeline Linen pocket

I managed some ok pattern matching on one side of one of the pockets, but didn’t manage to blend the other pocket in quite so well. I actually love the pockets on this particular version of the dress though, so I think when I make it again (my 5th Adeline), I’ll definitely add the patch pockets back on!

StyleArc Adeline Linen

Size Details: I sewed this in a straight size 22 and am pictured here with a 47″ bust and 54″ hips. I planned on sizing down for subsequent versions but the hem makes it quite difficult to get in and out of cars with much grace, so I wouldn’t want any less fabric around the bottom