Colour Palette Planning

Today I’m musing on planning a colour palette, and the info here is taken from a larger post that I’ve shared on the Muna and Broad Patreon, where I’ve been posting about colour theory. Today I wanted to try and codify why some of the colours are larger than others, what that means, and how I can use that to plan my future makes.

You might have spotted my earlier post, where I attempt to reverse-engineer a colour palette from my existing favourite makes, and then use that to plan some future makes. No? You can see it here.

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Trying to pin down a colour scheme!

I’ve been sharing a lot on the Muna and Broad Patreon about colour theory and colours in wardrobes, as I try to get myself to a point where I have a high hit rate with my makes. Cutting down on makes that don’t feel like a success, will save me lots of time, money and heartache. I’d love to work out what exactly it is that I love my most-worn garments, and why I don’t reach for others so I can feel confident that something will work well BEFORE I make it!

Existing favourites

Thinking about wardrobe success

Of course, wardrobe success isn’t just about colour- I’ve been thinking a lot about why some combinations work, why do I struggle to get dressed for fancy occasions, what makes a successful casual outfit.

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