Peppermint Magazine Wrap Skirt in Wool

When I got my current job, I treated myself to a couple of different wool coatings from Fabric Vision as a celebration.

Peppermint Wrap Skirt 4

Since it has been so cold here (and especially cold in my office) recently I decided that I definitely needed a wool skirt to combat our cold temperatures. I loved the Peppermint Magazine Wrap Skirt when it was released, but I’ll be waiting quite a while to wear a linen skirt…

Peppermint Wrap Skirt 2

Inspired in part by The Betty Wrap Skirt from Alice Alexander, I decided that a wrap skirt might well be a good look for me, and wearing a glorified woolen blanket around the office would certainly make me warmer!

Peppermint Wrap Skirt 1

Size details: I made the largest size available which is meant for a 54″ hip and I have between 52″-59″hip depending what’s going on. I omitted the french seams, which I think may have given me a bit of extra room. The wrap portion is very generous and I’m in no danger of flashing anyone at any time. I made the hem much larger than indicated, I like the wide hem at the bottom but it’s not my tidiest work so I might fix it in the coming week.

Peppermint Wrap Skirt 3

Obviously I finished the skirt off with one of my labels from Kylie And The Machine, which I feel elevates things when I maybe haven’t done the tidiest finishing! So, I suppose putting a label on it maybe hides some flaws and also promises that next time it’ll probably be tidier, making this skirt ‘one of a kind’

10 Free Plus Size Sewing Patterns

I’ve been on the hunt for free plus size sewing patterns for beginners and have accumulated quite the list! In order to avoid over-saturation I’m going to release a list of 10 twice a week until I run out. I hope there will be plenty to inspire you! If you’re a pattern designer and you offer a free plus size sewing pattern, please get in touch!

1. Sorbetto from Colette Patterns

This is one of the OG free Indie patterns.

Size: Available up to size 26 or a 58″ hip

2. Laundry Day Tee from Love Notions

There are so many variations available here! Follow the link to sign up for her facebook page to get the discount code.

Size: Available up to an XXXL or a 51.5″ hip

3. Morning Glory Top from Sarah Kirsten

Sign up to Sarah’s email list to get access to the free pattern. Check out the version I made here.

Size: Because the instructions step you through drafting the top for yourself, there is no ‘size’ as such.

4. Slouchy Cardi from Peppermint Magazine

One of the many free patterns drafted by In The Folds for Peppermint Magazine and very seasonally appropriate for both hemispheres right now. Check out Debbie’s version here.

Size: Available to 54″ hip

5. Reagan Raglan from Bella Sunshine Designs

Both v-neck and scooped neckline and says that a bust adjustment is included in the pattern!

Size: Up to a size 30 or 59.75″ hip

6. Chloe Skirt & Maxi from Made for Mermaids

‘This is the perfect project for someone who is new to sewing or has been afraid to try a knit pattern. Extremely QUICK a-line skirt with only 4 seams and a hem.’

Size: Up to size ‘Red’ or a 54″ hip

7. Maple Culottes from Mood

If you’re unsure whether culottes are for you, maybe a free pattern will tip you over the edge?

Size: up to a size 30 or 63″ hip

8. Avast Circle Vest from Patterns for Pirates

Aaaa-ren’t you glad you’re reading this list? ‘The perfect little throw on vest that is super simple and quick to make.’

Size: up to a 58″ hip but presumable pretty open sizing.

9. Maya Bra from AFI Atelier

Check out this review on CSC of the Maya Bra by Andie of Sew Pretty in Pink. That’s her lovely version pictured!

Size: So Many Sizes.

10. Peplum top from Peppermint Magazine

I love my version of this top, and it’s a shape too easily dismissed when searching for curvy sewing patterns.

Size: Up to a 54″ hip but so much positive ease means the actual sizing will be much larger.

Come back at the same time next week for 10 more free printable plus size sewing patterns. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions please add them to the comments!

Scribble Peplum top

Peppermint Peplum Rayon 2

This Peplum top is a free plus size sewing patterns for beginners from in Peppermint Magazine in Australia and is drafted by the lovely Emily from In The Folds.

I had enough fabric leftover from my Scribble Rayon Adeline to make the peplum with an extra long frill, which makes it long enough to style with pants that aren’t super high-waisted.

Have you read this article on the difference between a frill & a flounce? Neither had I until I was looking for how to describe the bottom part of the peplum!

Pepermint Peplum Rayon

I have another 3 of these tops in the ‘almost finished’ sewing pile, which I’m excited to be able to wear next summer!

Size Details: Although my measurements put me between a J-K on the Peppermint scale, I actually sewed a size H and am wearing it on a 47″bust and 54″ hip.