Glebe Pants in deadstock rayon

Glebe Pants Green 2

I wanted to try @Leila_SewsGlebe Pants pattern in a lightweight, rayon fabric to see how the pattern fared.

I found 5 metres of this fabric for $15 at a fabric remnant sale of a Christchurch local clothes shop, and it’s quite creasy, quite light but very comfortable.

Glebe Pants Green 3

I made a size 1 in the Glebe Pants (which is a nice change from relying on positive ease to sneak in to a size chart), even though my ‘seated hip size’ would put me up a size. I didn’t need to add any height at the front or at the back of the rise and find these very comfortable and think they sit perfectly.

Glebe Pants Green

Fremantle Pants from Elbe

Fremantle Pants and Merino

In less than 4 hours this afternoon I cut out and sewed a new pair of Elbe Textile’s Fremantle Pants.

Lauren has increased her original size range to 61.5″ hip (67.5″ finished measurements), which is great!

Elbe Fremantle 1

In this version I left off the patch pockets at the rear and also “drafted” a slightly larger pocket and pocket facing so that I can jam my hands and extra stuff in there too. See below for my first-rate “drafting”

Elbe Fremantle Pocket

Next time, I might size down and also raise the waistline following the instructions here. I’d love to make some linen Elizabeth Suzann style pants and I think this pattern is going to get me there!

Size Details: I made a straight size L and cut the pants to length A (there are 3 lengths included).

Named Ninni Culottes

Cashmerette Springfield Floral with short Ninni

These are my 2nd Ninni Culottes from Named Clothing.

For my first pair, I added quite a few extra inches to the sideseams and also to the rise of the pants, but I made these straight from the pattern. I like both pairs, but neither have all the ‘swishy’ volume that the pattern intends, since I’m not in their size range.

Peppermint Ruffle Sleeve Cotton Sateen 2

Sizing Details: I’ve sewed the UK22, which is the largest size. I really only sneak into this size because of all the positive ease envisaged for the style so it’s really not a ‘size inclusive’ pattern.

Ninni Culottes plus some

Cashmerette Springfield Cotton 1

These Ninni Culottes from Named Clothing got so much wear this summer while traveling in Europe.

I’m such a messy person (dropping food all the time, flopping down on grass without any regard for my pants, etc.) that I was certain that cream coloured pants were not for me!

Cashmerette Springfield Cotton

Fortunately, I didn’t have any major disasters while travelling and I’ve managed to keep my good luck since returning home!

Sizing Details: I’ve sewed the UK22 but since I was worried about these fitting (since I’m quite a way outside the size range for named), I added around 3 inches on to each side seam, and about 5inches to the top of the pants (so they’re excellently high-waisted). It turns out these modifications weren’t necessary for me to be able to get the pants on, but do help add to the volume that other sewists have when wearing these.

Ethel Designer Pants

Style Arc Ethel Pants Cotton

These Ethel Designer Pant from StyleArc (which I purchased as a set) sat in my ‘almost finished’ sewing box for over a year, after I deemed them not very successful.

After some unsuccessful purchases from them (back when they didn’t include finished garment measurements), I try to be quite savvy about picking patterns where it doesn’t matter that I need to grade at least a couple of sizes between my top and bottom.

Style Arc Ethel Pants in Linen

I’m not sure what these pants are made of (it’s a kind of silky feeling cotton twill-ish thing from a store without a website), but they’re glorious. The fabric feels delicious and has a decent heft to it. I wish I knew what it was so that I could buy more (in the unlikely instance that they’re still stocking the same mysterious fabric 2 years later).

Style Arc Ethel Pants Cotton 2

I threw the pattern for these out in a huff (most likely the paper got fed to the worms), but I really wish I hadn’t been so hasty. The pockets on these are glorious, and I really just need to shorten the elastic so that they stay up better. Realistically, I’ll probably just keep wearing them exactly as they are.

Sizing Details: I made these up in a straight size 24 but would give size 22 a go if I make these again.