Wasabi Tarlee T-Shirt

I’m always thinking a lot about my wardrobe, and it struck me that although I had 2 chartreuse dresses that I loved a lot, I didn’t have any separates in that shade- so I present my Wasabi-coloured Tarlee T-Shirt!

Wasabi Tarlee 2

I did a deep-dive into my stash and pulled out this lightweight-bamboo knit from MaaiDesign in Australia. I bought this wasabi bamboo from there maybe 3+ years ago, and it’s been sitting, waiting for the perfect t-shirt pattern (and for my knit neckline proficiency to improve)!

This exact shade isn’t in stock any longer, and the bamboo that I’ve ordered from MaaiDesign since then is much heftier than this lovely, slinky, but also rather clingy fabric.

Wasabi Tarlee back

Size and pattern details: My current measurements are 48″ bust, 57″ high hip and 54″ low hip. I made a Size E Tarlee T-Shirt at the shoulders, grading out to a Size G by the hip (which is exactly what the size chart would recommend). I lengthened the sleeve an inch, or so, but might go back and removed what I added. I also graded out the sleeve- starting at Size E at the sleeve head, and grading up to a Size F by the time it hits my bicep- this wasn’t strictly necessary, but I like the extra room.

Fabric Consumption: I ordered 2 metres of this fabric all those years ago, and had enough fabric for this tee, even though I cut one of the sleeves 3 times to try and match what might have been an imperceptable right-and-wrong side… Since I was using my serger to construct this (including serging the neckband on!?!) I didn’t really want to get it attached and then decide that I could definitely spot the different weaves.

Wasabi Tarlee 3

I wore this exact ensemble to my local coffee shop this morning, and the server commented on how she loved my bright combination. It is brighter than my usual go-to combos, but it’s also supposed to be 30C (86F) here today- so I suppose you could say that I’m dressing for summer!

Striped Tarlee T-Shirt

I dug into my stash for this long-sleeve Tarlee T-Shirt! I made this during the pattern production process, and it’s a size larger than my bust measurement would recommend, so is a slightly more relaxed fit than my final version.

I love a striped t-shirt, and have quite a few RTW striped tees in my wardrobe that are looking a bit worse for wear.

Stripes 5

I’m wearing this striped tee with my bright pink Glebe Pants (View B)- you can read more about them here.

Fabric Consumption & Size detials: I used less than 2 metres of fabric of 150cm wide fabric for this t-shirt. I wasn’t terribly careful about matching the stripes, which probably helped me with fabric consumption. I’ve got a 48″ bust and 57″ hip/stomach, this is a straight-size F.


Pattern Matching: Although I didn’t try particularly hard to match the stripes at the shoulders, and sleeves, I did ensure that all my pattern pieces ended at the bottom of a white stripe- that way, I could fold that stripe up as a seam-allowance and a black stripe would be at the bottom of the various bits.
I think this looks nice (it looks quite intentional and final), and as Tara from Paper Theory recently pointed out on her stories, having the lighter colour around the hems (and especially at the bottom of the sleeves) means your top could end up looking grubby sooner!

stripes 4

My Measurements: I’m a 43″ waist and 54″ true hip but I’m around 57″ at my largest point around my belly. I made a straight Size F for both the Tarlee T-Shirt and the Glebe Pants!

Pink Pants Club Glebe Pants


I’ve had this linen sitting in my stash with the intention of making some summery Glebe Pants since last year (I know it’s only February, but still)! I finally made View B of the Glebe Pants and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

I’m wearing my summery pink pants with one of my long-sleeve Tarlee T-Shirts that I made during the pattern production process. It’s a size larger than I ended up making, and so is a slightly more relaxed fit than my final version.

Stripes 5

Fabric Consumption: The Glebe Pants are a quick 1/2 day project for me, now that I have the steps memorized. In this early version of the pattern, Leila included notches which indicate the seam-allownace, which means that you generally don’t need to check the instructions as the fabric tells you what to do! I used 2metres of 150cm wide linen for these pants!

stripes 4

Size details: I’m a 43″ waist and 54″ true hip but I’m around 57″ at my largest point around my belly. I made a straight Size F.

The new Torrens Box Top

You’d think that after more than a year of trying to photograph my makes, I’d be a bit better at posing or doing a good face- fear not! I’m here to prove that I’m just as un-photogenic as ever before! It probably doesn’t help that I’m always trying to have a conversation with my photographer- I popped out with a sewing friend and took some pictures of this re-drafted Torrens Box Top before heading out for a coffee!

Torrens Box Top Viscose

Here I’m wearing my current favourite ‘leaving the house outfit’, my plum Willandra Pants (blogged here) and new viscose Torrens Box Top!

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