Trapeze Dress from Merchant & Mills


I tested the sizes 20 – 28 size range of the Merchant & Mills Trapeze Dress in their Woolsey Boston Fall linen/wool double gauze, which Merchant & Mills kindly sent my way along with a digital copy of the pattern for the purpose of the review.

Their extended size range goes up to a 55″ (139.5 cm) bust and 57.5″ (145.5 cm) hip. The largest finished bust measurement is 62.59″ (159 cm), there’s no given measurement for the hip measurement and the finished bicep is 18.79 ” (47.75 cm).

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What I learnt from MMMayPlus2020

For Me Made May this year, I pledged to take photos of my outfits and not repeat any outfits and I mostly managed to make good on those aims, apart from on the weekends when I would often wear lounge-wear for most of the weekend whilst sewing or cooking.

I found the month much easier to get through thanks, in no small part, to working-from-home! I shared photos over on my instagram grid and in my stories and although my photos from the month were pretty un-inspiring on the whole, I did have some interesting takeaways about my me-made wardrobe during the month.

Thing I learnt during Me Made May

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