Sunday Plus-Size Pattern Roundup #28

This week the pattern roundup includes 3 recent releases, 2 which are free! I’m not sure if next week I should concentrate on a roundup of giftable patterns? I do have a collection of free giftable non-garment sewing patterns here.

Number 1, Free Bardon Dress

The Bardon Dress is a free sewing pattern by Elbe Textiles made available by the Peppermint Sewing School. The free dress is available up to a 53″ bust and a 56.3″ hip

Number 2, Apron

This Apron is available for Muna and Broad Patreon Insiders and Makers.

The Apron is available in Large Adult, Small Adult and Child sizes and makes a perfect gift!

Number 3, Page Hoodie

The Page Hoodie from Chalk and Notch has had its sizing extended. It’s now available in two cup size options and up to a 58″ bust and 59″ hip

Chalk and Notch has recently extended the sizes of a number of their patterns up to 59″ hip.

Number 4, Free Pyjamas

This free pyjama pattern from The Assembly Line is available up to a 54.7″ hip

The Assembly Line has recently started releasing their patterns in a larger size range, though there’s not currently a way to sort their patterns to see what patterns are available in extended sizes.

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Retro Waikerie Dress

This fabric from Lady McElroy almost got away from me! I spotted it, loved all the colours and the cool things on it but then it sold out! I used my internet sluething skills and eventually found some in-stock at Sew Me Sunshine in the UK! I decided that I wanted it, held my breath and ordered without working out the currency conversion.

When it arrived I realised that I had enough fabric for a Waikerie Dress, not just the Waikerie Shirt that I was planning!

Waikerie Retro front

I’m not sure that the pattern placement ended all that well since I’ve got two very prominent jugs on my own jugs! I was certainly trying to be thrifty with the fabric.

Waikerie Retro

I think the thing I love about this fabric is that it’s basically just my dream home aesthetic! coffee pot, mid-century mustard chairs and indoor plants! This was my first short-sleeve version of the Waikerie Dress and I can see that it will get a lot of wear not that we’re heading in to cooler weather!

Waikerie Retro back 3

Sunday Plus-Size Pattern Roundup #27

This week the pattern roundup includes two recent releases and two patterns from the back catalogue. It’s great to see pattern companies who are working to extend their size range, and folks who make sleeves to fit my fat arms!

You can check out all of the posts that are part of the Plus-Size Pattern Roundup series here.

Number 1, Sofia Dress & Top

The Sofia Dress & Top from Victory Patterns is their first pattern in their new, extended size range.

This pattern is available up to a 58″ bust and 60″ hip. Read more about the expanded size range here.

Number 2, Sleeves for Ashton Top

Sleeve Expansion for the Ashton Top from Helen’s Closet.

Helen has added a sleeve expansion pack which can be purchased as an add-on for the Ashton Top. The pattern seems to have built in room for large biceps, which is great.

Number 3, Barkly Skirt

The Barkly Skirt from In The Folds is available up to a 54 3/4″ hip and comes with the longer view pictured here and a shorter view (which potentially sits higher on the waist).

Number 4, Geodesic Sweatshirt

The Geodesic Sweatshirt from Blueprints for Sewing is available up to a 52″ bust and 55″ hips and the website indicates that sizes will be expanded in 2020 up to a 60″ bust and 61″ hip

1 year of Muna and Broad

It’s Muna and Broad’s first birthday party on the 15th of November and we’re planning on celebrating for the remainder of the month. It’s pretty amazing to think that after 1-year of working on patterns, it was possible to make M&B my full-time job!

The 15th of November is the anniversary of our website launch and our first pattern sales, so that’s when we’re counting from. We actually launched the Torrens Box Top as our first paid pattern, and then eventually went back and added extra sizes and full instructions to previously free the Glebe Pants and released those too!

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Sunday Plus-Size Pattern Roundup #26

This week, the Sunday Plus-size Pattern Roundup is inspired by slip dresses and frills!

I know that’s maybe not great timing for many of you who are heading into cooler weather, but it’s supposed to be warming up here so I’m thinking of summer clothes, more linen, and maybe even some ‘flirty details’!

You can check out all of the posts that are part of this series here.

Number 1, Lola Blouse and Dress

The Lola Blouse and Dress from Forget-me-not Patterns is available up to a 48.5″ bust and 52.5″ hip.

I thought the frilled back as an interesting feature, which matched the Friday Pattern Company Sagebrush! Check out the hashtag here.

Number 2, Nullarbor Cami

The Nullarbor Cami and Dress from Muna and Broad is available up to a 64″ bust and 71.5″ hip. There are 3 views: a straight-cut cami, a cami cut on the bias and a bias cut dress. All are bra-strap friendly and the cami is a great scrap-buster.

Number 3, Sagebrush Top

The Sagebrush Top from Friday Pattern Company is available up to a 60″ bust and 63″ hip

Number 4, Sicily Slip Dress

The Sicily Slip Dress from Sewing Patterns by Masin is available up to 54″ bust and 56″ hip, and is drafted for a B cup. This dress comes with 2 views; skinny straps and wider straps.