Sunday Plus-Size Pattern Roundup #27

This week the pattern roundup includes two recent releases and two patterns from the back catalogue. It’s great to see pattern companies who are working to extend their size range, and folks who make sleeves to fit my fat arms!

You can check out all of the posts that are part of the Plus-Size Pattern Roundup series here.

Number 1, Sofia Dress & Top

The Sofia Dress & Top from Victory Patterns is their first pattern in their new, extended size range.

This pattern is available up to a 58″ bust and 60″ hip. Read more about the expanded size range here.

Number 2, Sleeves for Ashton Top

Sleeve Expansion for the Ashton Top from Helen’s Closet.

Helen has added a sleeve expansion pack which can be purchased as an add-on for the Ashton Top. The pattern seems to have built in room for large biceps, which is great.

Number 3, Barkly Skirt

The Barkly Skirt from In The Folds is available up to a 54 3/4″ hip and comes with the longer view pictured here and a shorter view (which potentially sits higher on the waist).

Number 4, Geodesic Sweatshirt

The Geodesic Sweatshirt from Blueprints for Sewing is available up to a 52″ bust and 55″ hips and the website indicates that sizes will be expanded in 2020 up to a 60″ bust and 61″ hip

1 year of Muna and Broad

It’s Muna and Broad’s first birthday party on the 15th of November and we’re planning on celebrating for the remainder of the month. It’s pretty amazing to think that after 1-year of working on patterns, it was possible to make M&B my full-time job!

The 15th of November is the anniversary of our website launch and our first pattern sales, so that’s when we’re counting from. We actually launched the Torrens Box Top as our first paid pattern, and then eventually went back and added extra sizes and full instructions to previously free the Glebe Pants and released those too!

Celebrate our 1 year anniversary and win some prizes by getting involved on Instagram!

How did we start?

We launched our Glebe Pants as a free pattern, which was available in 3 sizes, a 54″, 56.5″ and 59″ hip. Makers signed up to a newsletter to get the file which had very minimal instructions printed on the A0 file.

There was absolutely no hand-holding in the pattern instructions and we fielded so many questions from enthusiastic beginners who were very confused by the minimal instructions, that we realised that there was a great need for beginner friendly patterns for plus-size makers!

Here I am in my first pair of
Glebe Pants , which I made using special linen I’d been saving and fortunately the fit was great!

What have we done?

In the past year, we’ve released 15 (!!) patterns, joined Patreon, built an amazing community online, and generally had an amazing time! In the middle of the year, I was thrilled to be able to quit my job and start working from home full-time on M&B!

We’ve really released a mix of sewing patterns, but they’re all things that we want to wear ourselves! I’ve now got a new favourite bralette, a very happy undies drawer, and the linen shirts and shirt dresses of my dreams!

Sunday Plus-Size Pattern Roundup #26

This week, the Sunday Plus-size Pattern Roundup is inspired by slip dresses and frills!

I know that’s maybe not great timing for many of you who are heading into cooler weather, but it’s supposed to be warming up here so I’m thinking of summer clothes, more linen, and maybe even some ‘flirty details’!

You can check out all of the posts that are part of this series here.

Number 1, Lola Blouse and Dress

The Lola Blouse and Dress from Forget-me-not Patterns is available up to a 48.5″ bust and 52.5″ hip.

I thought the frilled back as an interesting feature, which matched the Friday Pattern Company Sagebrush! Check out the hashtag here.

Number 2, Nullarbor Cami

The Nullarbor Cami and Dress from Muna and Broad is available up to a 64″ bust and 71.5″ hip. There are 3 views: a straight-cut cami, a cami cut on the bias and a bias cut dress. All are bra-strap friendly and the cami is a great scrap-buster.

Number 3, Sagebrush Top

The Sagebrush Top from Friday Pattern Company is available up to a 60″ bust and 63″ hip

Number 4, Sicily Slip Dress

The Sicily Slip Dress from Sewing Patterns by Masin is available up to 54″ bust and 56″ hip, and is drafted for a B cup. This dress comes with 2 views; skinny straps and wider straps.

Scrap-Busting sewing patterns

Since it’s the middle of November (and therefore practically Christmas), I’ve rounded up a few patterns for scrap-busting, many of which would make great gifts! Check out other scrap-busting patterns, free patterns, and patterns for gifting that I’ve rounded up previously.

Here are some things you can turn your scraps in to, or even stuff your scraps in to! Check out the roundup and then let me know if I’ve missed something or if you have a favourite way to scrapbust that isn’t covered here!

The Semi-Breve Quilted Pouch pattern bonus from Muna and Broad. Perfect for practicing your improv quilting!

A perfect use for leftover denim, this free tote pattern is the Madras Tote from Victory Patterns

This could be a great use for leftover denim from a project!

Whilbour the Waste Free Whale from Bekabeesews. This is a great pattern because you can make the outside from scraps, but also stuff it full of scraps!

Scrap-busting eye mask from Helen’s Closet

This Tailor’s Ham is a free pattern from Jennifer Lauren Handmade.

Jam your ham full of scraps, for a plump ham!

Zipper pouch dopp kit from Melly Sews

Make your own pattern weights with this tutorial from Raven Maureen

Undies for knit scraps!

Undies can be a great use for knit fabrics! Depending on your size (or the preferred size of your undies), you might be able to more easily use knit fabric scraps for your undies. I’ve been busting scraps with the Muna and Broad Kapunda Undies (View B), but if those aren’t your size (or you like a lower-cut brief) you can check out this Undies roundup from the Love To Sew Podcast!

I’ve been a bit obsessed with these boiled wool cushion covers, and I’m sure I have enough extra bits of boiled wool in my scrap stash to make myself a few throw cushion covers.

Here’s a great tutorial from

Half Square Triangle Pouch from Patterns by Kanako

Not a free pattern, but another excellent opportunity for some improv piecing and quilting!

Make a fabric scrap bowl with this free tutorial

Make a scrappy needlebook with this tutorial from Radiant Home Studio

Free Tailor’s Ham and Sausages from Tilly and the Buttons

Torrens Box Top Bonus Sleeve

Leila and I are on Patreon, and we’ve been super overwhelmed (and thrilled) that 100 lovely folks have signed up to support us on a monthly basis! This sleeve that I’ve made was the September pattern bonus for the Insider and Maker level supporters of the Muna and Broad Patreon!

Bonus sleeve

I’ve wanted a gathered sleeve addition to the Torrens Box Top for quite some time! When I tried to make myself a cuff-sleeve pattern piece, it never quite went as smoothly or turned out like I was hoping, so it’s great to have a vehicle for putting out these pattern bonuses on a monthly basis to help folks (and me) extend the possibilities of the M&B patterns!

Bonus sleeve 2

I got a whole bolt of this slightly strange feeling viscose (it’s matte in colour and almost furry in person- it’s not at all slippery, but it does crush as soon as you look at it and I did struggle with the back bottom hem)! Since I’ve got so much of this viscose, I imagine you’ll be seeing a lot more of it in the future (linings for things, pocket fabrics, maybe even pants for an outrageous matching set)!?

Bonus sleeve 3

Other Patreon pattern bonuses have been:
August: the Semi-Breve Pouch (a quilted pouch which practices a lot of the techniques for the Grainger Coat), September: this gathered sleeve bonus for the M&B Torrens Box Top, October: 2 bonus collar options for the Waikerie Shirt and Waikerie Dress. Makers and Insiders also get 15% off any patterns on the website and we share lots of other content on Patreon too!