Apreon from Muna and Broad

Apreon 2

I took some time this afternoon to sew up the cross-body apron that was the Muna and Broad November Patreon Pattern Bonus. The cross-body apron comes in large adult, small adult and child sizes, and Leila and I have been calling it the Apreon!

I love the pocket on here- it’s the perfect size for my phone (which I suppose is exactly the point)! I think because the colour of this apron happened to be such a good colour match for what I was wearing, it got me thinking that perhaps an Apron an everyday clothes is actually quite a good idea!

Apreon 3

Fabric: I thought this was the pickle coloured linen from The Fabric Store, but now I think it might actually be the acorn coloured linen. Either way, I like it a lot.

Size: I made the ‘large adult’ size, but made the sit that sits over my chest a little bit less wide than the pattern called for. I could call that a narrow shoulder adjustment, but actually I did it because the linen wasn’t quite wide enough to fit the entire pattern piece.

ChCh Sews A0 printing!

I made an exciting purchase/investment recently, and I’m now the very proud owner of a large-format printer- so I can now print my own A0 patterns while I’m still in my PJs!

I do a lot of printing as part of the Muna and Broad pattern development process, and since the going rate for A0 prints here in NZ is $7, that was adding up pretty quickly! After a decent amount of number crunching, the numbers suggested that it could work, so long as I had somewhere in my new rental for it to go!

And, here it is! Right now, it’s taken over my dining room table, and led to a serious re-ordering of my work/lounge/dining space. But, I’m so excited to have the capability to be a bit more self sufficient, and to also offer prints for other local folks. It doesn’t make sense to print and ship patterns from me (most other countries seem to have printing that is a whole lot cheaper than the cost of printing large format prints here in NZ), but for now I’m printing for folks based in Christchurch and doing pickup by arrangement.

ChCh sews is here!

And so I’ve launched a new website (www.ChChsews.com) and I’ve added another Instagram account to my app (@ChChsews) and I’ve got a Facebook page too (/ChChsews)!

A0 printing is $6 per A0 page, and I can also print A4 files too for folks who want their instructions printed, or for patterns that are just a couple of small pages (so aren’t worth printing as an A0)!

Sunday Plus-Size Pattern Roundup #32

This week’s pattern roundup includes 2 free sewing patterns. I’ve decided that the order of the roundup will be informed by the size range, with the largest size range being listed first!
You can see all of the posts that are part of the Plus-Size Pattern Roundup series here and you can see all the patterns from previous roundups which are available over a 60″ hip.

Number 1, Cass T-Shirt

The free Cass T-shirt from Sie Macht’s D cup size range goes up to a 66″ full bust and 70″ hip. The pattern itself is free, and there are instructions on the blog, but you can also buy printable PDF instructions for $3. You can get the pattern by signing up to the email newsletter.

Number 2, Kris Top

The Kris top from Stokxx Patterns is available up to a 59″ bust and 60″ hip.

Number 3, Primo Tshirt

The Primo Tshirt from Ready To Sew is available up to a 55″ bust and 59.5″ hip.

Number 4, Luna Tank

The free Luna Tank from Helen’s Closet is available up to a 56″ bust and 58″ hip

Sunday Plus-Size Pattern Roundup #31

There’s a couple of new releases in the roundup this week! You can see all of the posts that are part of the Plus-Size Pattern Roundup series here.

When I was planning these pattern roundups I wanted to make the cut off measurement 60″ for the bust or hips, but I realised pretty soon that that would be an incredibly short roundup. So few companies are making patterns above the 60″ mark.

I’m a 56″ hip, so I’ll inevitably end up sharing patterns here that I actually can’t make myself because I’m hunting for things above a 50″ hip. Although I have complex feelings about sharing companies with sizes that don’t actually include me, I know that if you’re above a 50″ hip or bust then you don’t always have the luxury of being picky about whether folks above you are being included since there’s already so few patterns that are available to you.

Perhaps now that more companies are extending their sizes, it’s time for me to move the yardstick to 60″? Let me know if you have any thoughts or feelings on what you’d like to see in the roundup.

Number 1, August Skirt

The August Skirt from Make by The Fabric Store is part of 4 new patterns released by them this past week. These patterns are available in sizes 4 – 32 and up to a 58.7″ and 62.8″ hip.

In an excellent move, TFS will grade the patterns for you if you fall outside of their current range.

I wanted to add in a comment here that TFS offering grading for folks outside their size range is a great move, and one that I hope sets the scene for more pattern makers to offer this service. It’s especially great since TFS essentially launched their pattern range, and their largest size is already larger than where many pattern companies have ‘extended out to’ over the past year!

Number 2, Burnside Bibs

The Burnside Bibs from Sew House 7 are available up to a 61.5″ bust and 65″ hip

This pattern is part of the ‘Curvy Fit Range‘ from Sew House 7, which is their extended size range.

Number 3, Lolo Blouse

The Lolo Blouse from Style Sew Me is available up to a 53″ bust and 55″ hip.

Number 4, Lennox Boilersuit

The Lennox Boilersuit from Homer + Howells is available up to a 52″ hip, and a 48 7/8″ bust.

Sunday Plus-Size Pattern Roundup #30

The theme of the Sunday Plus-Size Pattern Roundup is shirts and shirt dresses! All of these patterns below are available up to at least a 50″ bust or hip!

See all of the posts that are part of the Plus-Size Pattern Roundup series here.

Number 1, Augusta Shirt & Dress

The Augusta Shirt & Dress from Grainline Studios is available up to a 59″ hip (their size 30).

The Augusta is fitted through the shoulders, and comes with shirt and dress lengths. The asymmetrical collar is joined by two sleeve options that are interchangeable between the dress and top versions.

Number 2, Waikerie Shirt and Dress Expansion

The Waikerie Shirt and Waikerie Dress Expansion from Muna and Broad is available up to a 71.5″ hip and is designed to fit a variety of cup sizes.

The shirt comes with 2 views, 2 sleeve options and 2 collar options, all of which are all interchangeable.

Number 3, Stokx Shirtdress

The Stokx Shirtdress from Stokx is available up to a 60″ hip.

This shaped dress comes with one option for dress and sleeve length, but can be worn open (like a duster) or closed (like a dress).

The collar is interesting here, and is designed to ‘just do what it does’.

Number 4, Oversized Shirt

The Oversized Shirt Pattern from The Assembly Line is available up to a 54″ hip (Their 3XL)

The pattern comes with one length with long sleeves and with two collar options, a traditional shirt collar and a standing straight collar.