About Me

Zadie Jumpsuit Linen 1

Hi, I’m Jess and I run Broad InThe Seams. I started sewing beginner plus size sewing patterns back in 2017, and am still sewing easy plus size patterns now.

Broad in the seams is a pun on broad in the beam (a way of describing a woman, but I figured it could also mean a woman in seams.

Cashmerette Montrose Cotton 2

I like to research and collect information, so love to find out about new plus size sewing patterns (especially if they happen to be free plus size sewing patterns)!

I love sewing natural fibres, and only wear natural fibres (including in my shoes).

Cashmerette Montrose Dress Linen

I’m currently sewing my way through my stash of fabric, using an extensive Excel document to keep track of everything.

Trying to practice sustainable sewing and find ways of living more sustainably in general.

Find me at @fat.bobbin.girl on Instagram

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