Online Fabric Shops in New Zealand

Here’s a little roundup of NZ fabric stores where you can shop online to buy fabrics appropriate for garment sewing! I’m always trying to buy as locally as possible, and shipping from overseas can be agonising (both in terms of wait time and cost), so shopping close to home (and in your own currency) is a great alternative.

Last updated: 20/4/2021

Some of my local favourite shops

First up are some of my favourite local shops, places that I’ve shopped with on numerous occasions and would wholeheartedly recommend!

ChCh sews (based in Christchurch)

Stocks fold-over elastic, sewing clips and labels for your makes and offers A0 printing. This is my side business!

The Fabric Store (based in Auckland)

They have a selection of consistent colours across their linen, heavyweight linen and merino fabric offerings. In addition to selling designer short ends, they also stock a lot of silk, cotton and corduroy fabrics from Liberty Fabrics in the UK.

Hawes & Freer (based in Auckland)

They have a selection of what you could describe as high-end fabrics and bridal fabrics. They’re also the only NZ-based folks selling moleskin. They also have a lovely selection of sustainable buttons and a wide variety of interfacings, shoulder pads and lining fabrics. I’ve had success emailing them to ask for samples.

McLean & Co (based in Oamaru)

Not strictly a fabric store, McLean & Co produce hand-loomed fabric from NZ Wool and you can purchase by the metre. I have several of the scarves from this husband and wife team.

Miss Maude NZ (based in Greytown)

They have a gorgeous selection of really well curated selection of lovely fabrics which are always great quality. They also have a great selection of notions (including bias binding, fancy elastics, etc).

Nellie Joans (based in Taranaki)

Primarily a lingerie supply store, they also stock knit fabrics (suitable for lingerie but also make great t-shirts), swimwear fabrics, bra and undies making supplies too.

Other local online fabric shops!

I’ve highlighted the places that I’ve shopped with below.

Ackroyd & Adams (based in Auckland)

They have a selection of different fabrics including merino and cotton knits, denim, cottons and linens. This place seems to wholesale fabrics to other local fabric stores, but generally had the fabrics at a cheaper price. I’ve noted that they’ve stopped their fabrics

Angel Fabrics (based in Auckland)

They have a selection of knit fabrics suitable for underwear, dance wear, and swimwear.

AS Fabrics (based in NZ)

They have a small selection of fabrics (lot of polyester) which are leftovers from Annah Stretton’s factory. They actually charge more for postage the more fabric you order.

Backstreet Bargains (based in Hamilton)

They have a variety of fabrics at very decent prices. They have a system on their website for requesting samples, which you pay for, but I’ve also had luck getting free samples by emailing the store (either way, the samples are very small)

Bianca Lorenne (based in Taranaki)

This shop has a small supply of furnishing fabrics and a few linens which look garment-appropriate.

Bolt of Cloth (based in NZ)

They have a small selection of ‘craft, quilting & dressmaking fabrics’, i.e quilting cottons that you can conceivably make stiff garments with.

Bower Bird (based in Hamilton)

A small selection of garment-appropriate fabrics.

Charming Juno Fabrics (based in NZ)

They have a small selection of garment appropriate fabrics including Robert Kaufman chambray and velveteen, a few printed knit fabrics.

Dance Fabrics NZ (based in Blenheim)

They stock swimwear fabrics, and stretch fabrics which would be appropriate for underwear making (including powernet, stretch mesh, etc)

Drapers Fabrics (based in Auckland)

They have a decent selection of what I would describe as trend forward. They have generous sales relatively frequently throughout the year, and a large selection of natural fibres. Samples are available for $1 and shipping is free in NZ for orders over $75, a much lower threshold than many other businesses.

Ellbee Fabrics

They have a small selection of solid and printed knit fabrics.

Fab Fabrics (based in Auckland)

They have a classic selection of fabrics, which you would expect to find in a local bricks-and-mortar fabric store.

Fable Fabrics (based in NZ)

They sell printed and plain knit fabrics, including European brand like See You At Six fabrics.

Fabric Box (based in Auckland)

This new-comer to online fabric shopping is Auckland stocks a range of natural fibres, organic selvedge denim fabrics, sweatshirt fabrics, corduroy, etc. They offer samples but charge $10 shipping on them, so I haven’t seen any of their fabrics yet.

Fabric Fixation (based in NZ)

They have a small selection of garment fabrics, and a lot of quilting fabrics. Their garment fabrics include cotton blend knit, corduroy, fleece and canvas

The Fine Cloth Factory (based in Wellington)

This new online fabric shop is based in Wellington and currently has a great range of linen, silk and wool fabrics.

Florence & Mary (based in NZ)

They have NZ’s largest selection of Liberty Tana Lawn fabrics (15 pages of the stuff, to be precise)

For Fabrics Sake (based in NZ)

They have a large selection of patterned and plain knit fabrics, organic knit fabrics and a very limited selection of woven, non-stretch fabrics.

Gravity By Grandy Lingerie (based in the South Island)

They stock lingerie and bra-making supplies and kits. They also have a list of free sewing patterns for undergarments/lingerie.

Harmless Solutions (based in NZ)

They aren’t a fabric store, but they do sell a variety of undyed cotton, hemp and bamboo fabrics.

Hei Fabrics (based in Palmerston North)

This new store currently has mostly printed knits in stock, but it looks as though they’re planning on listing a variety of fabrics, including waffle (which can be hard to source in NZ).

Ikes Geoff’s Emporium (based in Auckland)

They have a limited selection of garment fabrics available online, along with sewing and other craft supplies.

Inside Fabric

They’re predominantly a homewares fabric store, but they do have hemp fabric (like this and this) and linen fabric (like this 2.8m wide linen) which would be suitable for both bedding but also shirts, dresses, etc.

Jet Grey Town

They stock fabrics which are suitable for garment making, but which are predominantly quilting fabrics. They also have a variety of haberdashery and homewares.

Joan’s Sewing Room

Stocks natural fibre garment fabrics, including some vintage remnant fabrics.

Jones and Taylor (based in Taranaki)

They have a selection of Merchant and Mills fabric, and notions from them too. Clicking on ‘Fabric’ won’t show you even half of the fabric which is actually listed. They do have a tidy selection of sustainable buttons.

Levana Fabrics (based in NZ)

They have a large selection of knit fabrics, including cotton, modal and merino knit fabrics.

Marble NZ Fabrics

They have a selection of pre-printed fabrics available for purchase but also offer custom printed fabrics.

Merino Collective (based in NZ)

A new-comer which is making merino fabric (which is made in Australia) available below wholesale quantities. They have merino fabrics and organic cotton available right now, and they’re the same fabrics that have been popping up in other online shops here and in Aus recently.

Moreland Fabrics (based in Hamilton)

They have a large selection of well-priced cottons, corduroys and denims and offer a free sample service via post and free shipping for orders over $100.

New Zealand Fabrics & Yarn (based in NZ)

They have a small selection of garment-appropriate fabric, but are predominantly a crafting store (quilting, needlework, felting, etc).

New Zealand Merino & Fabrics (based in NZ)

They have a wide selection of merino fabrics (lots of blends with poly), as the name would suggest. They do also have a ‘fabrics other than merino’ section which seems to always have discounted remnants.

Nick’s Fabrics (Auckland based)

You might already know this Otara-based fabric shop, which has recently started selling fabrics online.

Otara Fabric Shop (Auckland based)

This brick-and-mortar store has put a small selection of their stock online.

OTY Fabrics (based in NZ)

They have a small selection of of plain and striped cotton spandex knit fabric

Revology Concept Store (based in Wanaka)

They have a selection of fabrics and sewing goods, including Merchant & Mills linen.

Sassy Fabric Queen (based in NZ)

Seems like they have custom printed fabrics like cotton jersey.

The Sewing Store (based in NZ)

They have a small selection of garment fabric, mostly natural fibres.

Silks NZ (based in Christchurch)

They have a large selection of silk, silk blends, bridal fabrics and their Christchurch warehouse is open, by-appointment. They do send samples but I’ve found they can get pricey pretty quickly

Stitchbird Fabrics (based in NZ)

They have a limited selection of of garment fabrics (including Nani Iro) and have A Lot of quilt fabrics.

Studio of Sewing (based in Auckland)

They have a small but lovely selection of imported fabric from MeetMILK and Atelier Brunette. They also print PDF Patterns on to A0 paper.

Verdant Design (based in Wellington)

They have a selection of organic garment fabrics including organic cottons and organic cotton corduroys.

Wellington Sewing Centre (based in Wellington)

They have a small selection of garment fabrics.

Zingara Organic Fabrics (based in NZ)

They have a selection of brightly coloured print and plain knit fabric. Their selection of solid colour fabrics include some bright, jewel tone colours which are hard to find elsewhere.

Shopping for Sewing Extras

GDL Trading NZ stocks snaps, rivets, tools for leatherworking and more
Greenbeanz NZ stocks snaps, snap presses, and nappy-making items
Lapco stocks a lot of leather and items you might need for leatherworking and leather projects (like bag making)
Minkylicious stocks KAM snaps, snap pliers, snap presses and nappy making supplies
KiwiBagineers stocks bag supplies

Have I missed any? I’d love to keep the list updated! Let me know in the comments!