Silk noil and wool

After more than a year sitting in the ‘finishing pile’, I dug these wool Muna and Broad Glebe Pants out and finally hemmed them!

Wool Glebe Pants-09

This time last year, I didn’t have an overlocker (I finally bought one in August 2020)! So, before finishing the hems, I also whipped around the seams with my overlocker! I also took the opportunity to whip up a pair of petti-pants!


The petti-pants are like a half-slip but for pants! I made View A of the Glebe but omitted the pockets and the waistband (opting for fold-over elastic across the top instead). I made these from what I think is a kind of viscose blend, and I serged all the various bits together. I wear them inside out, so that the serging/overlocking is facing the pants, and I get the smoothest inside pants possible!

Wool Glebe Pants-04

In these pictures I’m wearing my moss A+R Fabrics silk noil Waikerie Shirt (collarless and short-sleeve sleeve bands) and my modified quilted Belmore Jacket (read about the shirt here, and the jacket here). I’ve been wearing this top-half green combo with both these wool pants and my pink corduroy Glebe Pants quite a bit, enjoying the low-contrast combo!

Wool Glebe Pants-05

I got the wool fabric that I used for the pants as a remnant from a local clothing store (that also makes their own clothes). Since the petti-pants stop them from being so itchy, I’ve been wearing them a lot more!

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  1. Brilliant wearing your pettipants with the seams away from your body. Never occurred to me but I will shamelessly copy! Love the pink and pistachio together (and I don’t even like pink very much)! Reminds me of a fancy petit four icing. Yum.

  2. Pettipants are such a great thing! So much easier and more practical than linings. Love this color combo too

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