Belmore M&B Capsule

Although I know I’ll never have a capsule wardrobe, I like to break my wardrobe down into mini-collections. I like to think that if/when we get back to international travel, I’ll have my wardrobe down pat and will easily be able to put together a comfortable travel wardrobe which all pair with each other.

To that end, I’ve put together a little 7-piece capsule wardrobe of Muna and Broad Patterns, all of which I’m very happy to pair with my chambray Belmore Jacket!

My 7-piece capsule wardrobe

Quilted jacquard Belmore

I finally cut into this precious fabric from my stash, once I’d decided that the new Muna and Broad Belmore Jacket was the pattern for me!

Now, this fabric is the Merchant & Mills jacquard fabric that you might have spotted online. It’s precious because it was so frightfully expensive. I didn’t love it when it arrived, and I did consider on-selling it to someone instead of using it myself. Even though I bought it on sale, it was still very pricey, and dare-I-say ‘not worth the price’!? Certainly, if I had felt the fabric in-person I would not have sprung for it.

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