Belmore M&B Capsule

Although I know I’ll never have a capsule wardrobe, I like to break my wardrobe down into mini-collections. I like to think that if/when we get back to international travel, I’ll have my wardrobe down pat and will easily be able to put together a comfortable travel wardrobe which all pair with each other.

To that end, I’ve put together a little 7-piece capsule wardrobe of Muna and Broad Patterns, all of which I’m very happy to pair with my chambray Belmore Jacket!

My 7-piece capsule wardrobe

The Result

Pink Belmore Capsule Collage 2

I like that the blue of the chambray basically reads as a neutral and can be worn with basically any colour without issue. Any of the tops can be worn alone with the pants (the dress can also be worn sans jacket), which means that these 7-pieces can easily become 10 different combinations.

Below, you can see 3 of the tops worn with Glebe Pants, and then also worn with the Belmore Jacket over the top. Above, you can see my favourite pink linen Waikerie worn with and without the Belmore, and also the Huon Dress- with and without jacket.

Pink Belmore Capsule Collage

Need more?

Not explored here, but there’s also the possibility of triple-layering or wearing the Waikerie as a duster over a Tarlee. A Tarlee under a Waikerie under a Belmore could be a great triple-layer outfit! @StyleIsStyle is great at this with their outfits, if you need some inspiration.

It adds more combinations: triple-layering or duster-izing the Waikerie over a Tarlee also adds to the number of possible outfit combinations! 8 more combinations are thrown into the mix!

My conclusion from this exploration is that my Belmore Jacket will be my go-to once we get back to traveling around (or perhaps even for weekends away in the hopefully not-too-distant future.

3×3 collection from Muna and Broad

The 3×3 wardrobe capsule is something that I first read about on the Curvy Sewing Collective here. The idea is that by mapping out tops, bottoms and layers in a grid (like below), you can find combinations which work together.

I’ve been experimenting with capsule wardrobes as a way to avoid wardrobe orphans (garments that don’t work well with others), but also as a way to learn how to combine colour in such a way as to plan cohesive capsules instead of discover them accidentally after the fact.

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Muna and Broad Capsule Wardrobe

I’ve been experimenting with testing out the mix-and-match possibilities of the current Muna and Broad pattern offerings.
A few years before I got in to sewing I tried to coordinate myself a black and white capsule wardrobe of nicer, work-appropriate clothes (I know now that neither black or white are great colours for me ). I definitely do still occasionally make a ‘wardrobe orphan’ from a fabric I love, or in a shape that I love, but which pairs with nothing else in my wardobe!

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