Cornell Shirt from Elbe Textiles

Cornell Shirt

The Cornell Shirt from Elbe Textiles is a non-gendered pattern available from 30.5-54.5″ (78-138cm) hip and 32-56″ (82-142cm) chest, the finished measurements on the chest and hip of this shirt go up to 70″ or 178cm

Elbe Cornell Shirt

I love shirts and I especially love grandpa collars but I’m also terrified of buttons (even more so now because my sewing machine was such an absolute jerk trying to sew the button holes on this!

Elbe Cornell Shirt

Size details:
All the juicy details are coming as soon as I find my pattern pieces to confirm what I cut out!

Fremantle Pants from Elbe

Fremantle Pants and Merino

In less than 4 hours this afternoon I cut out and sewed a new pair of Elbe Textile’s Fremantle Pants.

Lauren has increased her original size range to 61.5″ hip (67.5″ finished measurements), which is great!

Elbe Fremantle 1

In this version I left off the patch pockets at the rear and also “drafted” a slightly larger pocket and pocket facing so that I can jam my hands and extra stuff in there too. See below for my first-rate “drafting”

Elbe Fremantle Pocket

Next time, I might size down and also raise the waistline following the instructions here. I’d love to make some linen Elizabeth Suzann style pants and I think this pattern is going to get me there!

Size Details: I made a straight size L and cut the pants to length A (there are 3 lengths included).

Zero-Waste Jacket from Elbe

Elbe Zero Waste Jacket

I made this linen duster-ish jacket using Elbe Textile‘s free tutorial for making a zero-waste jacket.

I love the idea of zero-waste sewing since it saves me from hoarding linen scraps for years and I suppose it’s also good for the environment.

Elbe Zero Waste Jacket 2

Sizing Details: I had a bit less linen than the pattern called for and I was also wider & had larger arms than the model. Soo, I did lots of little calculations on scraps of paper to increase the width of the body pieces and also to increase the size of the arms.