Michelle Blouse from Schnittchen

Michelle Blouse

I’ve had the Michelle Blouse from Schnittchen printed out for ages, but now that NZ is in lockdown and it’s not possible to print anything, I was finally spurred me on to testing it out (also because I hate buttonholes but love shirts)!

The Schnittchen plus-size patterns up to EU 56 or 53.54″ (136cm) bust and 55.91″ (142cm) hip. The shirt has a wide, swingy cut and a small collar, there is a yoke and a box-pleat in the center back.

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Rose Dress from Schnittchen

Schnittchen Rose Dress Linen

This Rose Dress from Schnittchen is the first dress I ever made!

I had signed up for night-school sewing classes not far from my house and since I had read the Curvy Sewing Collective for years before I knew it would be tough to find patterns in my size.

So, like always, I’d done a lot of research before turning up for the first class and had settled on this dress which I decided would be very straightforward. I planned on sewing three of them, starting with this fabric (which excited me the least) and finishing up with a lovely white linen with blue checks (which ultimately didn’t become a Rose dress).

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